Monday, December 14, 2009

Asking for help

Recently Master felt I was ready for a new rule. Unfortunately he made this decision after learning that I decided that I could do without something because I just didn't have the energy to find it and I didn't want to ask him to help me get it. *facepalm* When will I ever learn to keep my mouth shut?
So now I have to ask for help if I need it. I asked Master how to decide if I really needed help or if I was just being lazy. His answer was rather straightforward even if I didn't quite understand it. Lazy people don't do things because they just don't want to but they could without negative consequence. I don't do things because I really don't feel well enough or I'm afraid of the consequences. By Master's definitions that means I can't recall a time I've been lazy.
This is one of those time I'm glad to be working with Master's definitions of things rather than my own.
By far this is the hardest rule for me to follow. In my mind I'm supposed to take care of my Master or at least do what I can to minimize how much work I make for him. This seem so directly cause him to have to do more.
Master has explained that he wants to take care of me and if he knows I'll ask for help when I need it then he'll worry less. Yes, I grasp that it is bad to make my Master worry. My particular Master would rather do some physical work if it means fewer worries about my health and well being. I have to remember that I'm the submissive and it isn't necessary for me to understand. I want to understand but I just don't feel capable of understanding this.

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