Thursday, March 4, 2010

My collar from Kitten Cream - a review

A few months ago Master treated me to a new collar from Kitten Cream.

I have a large neck for a female and as far as I know they didn't bat an eye at my 17.5" collar which has about 1" of adjustment. The adjustment is done with velcro so there is some risk of getting your hair caught or damaged but I haven't had a problem as long as I'm careful.
My collar has a toggle clasp which I find easy to use. It is quite thick and sturdy and easy to manipulate while not clashing with the aesthetics of the collar. I haven't had a day where I couldn't put it on independently.
The inside is smooth and there's only one spot where I can feel a trace of what I'm guessing is a knot of clear thread against the backing fabric. I was worried that this would cause some discomfort but I'm incredibly comfortable even with my sensitive skin. The edges are rounded. I haven't worn this collar in the summer so I don't know how well it handles sweat.
The bondage ring in the center front looks nice and has handled some light tugging and being attached to my tether. This is where my only small complaint is. At one point the D ring O ring combination fell off. Luckily I found all the pieces. Apparently, the plate that holds the D ring to the collar is held onto the collar with screw on rivets. My guess is that as my collar has slid around my neck one of the rivets had come unscrewed. Master was unable to fix it but I was able to screw the pieces back together with the help of a towel for grip and friction. (I have good fine motor skills compared to my gross motor so randomly I can pull something like this off.) Also, the rivets may be slightly crooked but honestly it isn't noticeable from a distance.
I don't wear this out in public because it is a bondage collar but if it were a plain collar I'd be okay with wearing this around people unless I know they're nosy.

FTC: This was purchased by my partner with his own money. We are not affiliated with the company.